Saskatchewan Fashion Week GNO

I thought I would share some exciting new with you all…  I have been asked to be a part of the Saskatchewan Fashion Week‘s blog! Here is the first of four posts I will be doing for them as a guest blogger on their site! Feel free to follow along as myself and three other talented bloggers contribute to their page! 

There are few things I enjoy more than spending time with my girlfriends, and when your bestie happens to be your sister, it doesn’t get much better.  A GNO can cure a awful day at work, a boyfriend/ husband who thinks there is a monster in the dishwasher, a bad hair day, or even the most horrendous breakup.  If  the above doesn’t apply to you, a night out can also serve as a reminder of how awesome your girlfriends are. 

One of my favourite GNO’s is Saskatchewan Fashion Week.  The combination of spring weather, fashion, and of course, the night out with my girlfriends, makes for a pretty epic weekend.  I started the tradition of giving my sister SFW tickets for her birthday a few years ago and now it’s something we look forward to every year.  My sister and I live in different cities so when she comes to town there is no shortage of giggles, vino, food, and shopping! It’s the perfect event to mark in your calendar each and every year because it never fails to disappoint.  Walking in, you instantly feel the creative energy and excitement.  It’s more than a fashion show showcasing local retailers and designers.  It’s an event where you can shop, dance, watch the show, and connect with creative people. 

Tickets for Saskatchewan Fashion week are currently on sale!  So start rounding the troops, thinking about what to wear, and dreaming of spring weather… it’s coming faster than you think!

Purchase tickets here!


IMG_0735_editedHave you been to SFW before? Tell me about your experience, I would love to hear!