Wow- can we just talk about how amazingly sweet you all are to me.  I seriously am SO overwhelmed with the love you all showed on my latest Instagram where I shared a much more personal side.  To be honest, I have been wanting to share something like that for quite some time now for many different reasons.

I wanted to show you that there is a real human behind those perfectly staged photos.  That I too, have ups and downs in all areas of my life, but more importantly, I wanted to create a deeper connection with those that follow me.  I wanted you to know that WE ALL have struggles.  ALL OF US!! We are humans. We are NOT perfect and to be honest those imperfections are what make us, us…you know?! Yes, of course you know, you’re all amazing and I am SO SO SO thankful for the love.

And while we are on the topic of that post… holy guacamole!!! You guys went insane for the vest I was wearing!! I mean I am not surprised, it is freakin’ awesome but for real you guys loved it! So without further adue, it is from PATAGONIA!! Of course, anything they make is awesome!  Here is the link if you’re not local to YQR, if you’re local I would suggest saving yourself on the shipping and heading down to Sunshine and Ski.  They have just informed me via Instagram (gotta love that platform) that they just re-ordered a shipment of these beauties! #locallove
I also had a tonne of questions about the boots I was wearing in the post! They are SUPER old- like 5 or 6 years old now but they seriously just keep getting better with time. They’re the type of boot that I thi nk look better after a little wear and tear. Anyways, for those that are asking you can find the link by clicking here!

The top I’m wearing underneath the vest is an old lululemon one!  Unfortunately, it is no longer available but here is a link to a very similar one!

And while I’m on the topic of sharing every outfit detail in paragraph form, lol – the jeans are from a local business called Uptown Casuals and they are legit one of my favourite pairs.  They are a medium rise, the perfect wash, and super stretchy which is perfect for the pumpkin spice season!  I’m super impressed with the fit and quality for the price!

Thanks again for the love you’re simply the best!