Plaid Love

Plaid is one of the hottest trends this fall/winter so finding the perfect one was at the top of my bucket list!  I found this one last week and I can’t take it off! This plaid shirt is sooooo soft, fits like a glove, and is the perfect color for the holidays.  Tie it around your waste (so trendy right now), button it up, or leave it open!  This piece is versatile, cozy, and so cute- well worth the investment!

If you have been following me from the beginning you may remember me obsessing over my Rails denim shirt in my first ever post!  This particular shirt is hand wash but because it is 100% rayon, (which is a super temperamental fabric) and the price tag was on the higher side, I will be taking it to the dry cleaner to have it professionally cleaned.  Few things are more devastating than spending your hard earned money on a piece and then accidentally damaging it in the wash.  Dry cleaning it is not necessary but I like to be on the safe side, after all it is my favorite plaid shirt!!IMG_2928_edited

IMG_2903_edited IMG_2911_edited IMG_2945_edited IMG_2957_edited IMG_2973_edited IMG_2979_edited IMG_3004_edited


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Girls, have you found the perfect plaid shirt yet?!  Guys, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet… 😉

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