Orange Theory

If you’re following me on Instagram (if you’re not, you can follow me here!) you would know I’ve been going to Orange Theory since around February.  I’ve been wanting to get on here and let you guys know about my experience but I wanted to make sure that I had been going long enough to do an honest review! Well, over 50 classes later I think it’s safe to say I am fully addicted… let me tell you why!

5 Reasons I love Orange Theory

1.) The schedule.  There are classes ALL DAY long.  They start at 5:00am and I believe the last class is at 8:15pm.  Obviously, this changes from location to location, but this is key.  My schedule can be full at times so having a bunch of options makes it easy to get there and hard to make excuses to not.

2.) Every class is different. Like I mentioned before, I have done over 50 classes and I have never been to two the same.  Yes, they have the same formula HIT (High Intensity Training) but they are all so different.  Some endurance, others strength, sometimes you’re rowing a bunch, and others hardly any.  The fact that I am not 100% sure of what I am getting myself into makes it exciting.

3.) The community.  I am not joking when I say that most of the people that I have met at OT have been going since it opened.   If that doesn’t say something I don’t know what does.  With that being said, even though I was new I instantly felt welcome.

4.) The results.  I can without a doubt say that I have noticed the biggest change in my body since going to OT.  My abs are more defined, my arms are more toned, and honestly I just feel amazing.  I had heard nothing but amazing things about HIIT style of training but had never really done it.  I now get it.  It works.

5.) It has turned me into a morning worker-outer.  I have ALWAYS wanted to be that annoying person that gets up early and gets their workout out of the way in the morning but I never was… until OT!  I’m not sure if it’s the time (I go to the 6am classes), the fact that I absolutely adore Karlie, or the group of people that go at 6 but I am addicted.  It feels so great to get my sweat on first thing in the morning and then having my evenings free!

6.) Your OT membership works all across Canada… how amazing is that?! For example, the last time I flew to Australia I left from Edmonton.  I wanted to get an early morning sweat session in before sitting on a plane for 17 hours so I jumped on the Mindbody app, found the closest OT, booked a class, crushed it… and didn’t have to pay! It was so handy!

7.) It’s like having a personal trainer… but not.  The coaches are there to motivate you, offer modifications, explain the exercise in detail, or show you how to use the machines all while being in a fun group atmosphere!

8.) They always have fun challenges and events to keep you motivated. Whether it’s the dri tri, the transformation challenge, a theme workout, or even a 90 minute class, they’re always adding an element of fun or competition!

9.) I am a way better runner.   I have always wanted to be a runner for the simple fact that all you need is runners and some good music but I have always struggled.  I ran the Lululemen Seawheeze a few years ago but even then I just wasn’t that great, I finished (GO ME) but it wasn’t a great time.  Since Orange Theory I go out at least once a week and run 5Km no problem! No stopping and my time has improved immensely!

… whoops, I know I said 5 but actually there’s 8! If you can’t tell, I really do love it! If you’re wanting to try it they always offer a free trial class.  I highly suggest doing this- it’s a great way to ensure you’re happy with it before signing up. But if you do want to sign up, September is a GREAT time to do it because they have an awesome back to school deal.  If you mention that I sent you, you’ll get a one month unlimited pass for $99 which is an AMAZING DEAL!

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