I know I say this every month but I am REALLLLY excited about this month’s drop! It is smaller than most of my drops but it is seriously one of my favourites! This drop will go live Monday, November 21st… I know you were all enjoying the weekend drops but this month it just didn’t work to launch on a weekend. We will try to get in on a weekend again next month!

So Kell Jacket

Kelly green… literally the best colour ever! What a way to brighten a gloom and doom winter day?! Let’s be honest, if you live in Canada you need a variety of winter coats to get you through. The same long black parka day in day out can become redundant.  Is this jacket the parka that you’re going to be grabbing when it’s -30? Absolutely not.  Is it perfect for a -10 even -15 day? You bet! Pair it with your favourite hoodie or sweater and you will be good to go! This jacket truly is one that can be worn in almost any weather! A cool summer evening spent at Mosaic stadium cheering on the Riders… perfect! A sunny but cool spring day… perfect! Those first few days of fall when you’re still in denim shorts but want something a little warmer on top… PERFECT! This jacket fits boyfriend style meaning it is oversized and meant to be that way.  It is quilted, has pockets, a hidden zipper pocket on the inside, and a turtleneck style collar.


So Kell Vest

Literally the most perfect vest ever! There, I said it.  It’s long enough to cover your butt, but not too long it’s overwhelming to style.  It  has pockets, a mock neck collar, is puffy but not too puffy, and an inside pocket that zips for all your most prized possessions! The So Kell vest comes in two colours, Kelly Green (stunner) and of course black! Similar to the So Kell Jacket, this vest can be worn through all seasons!

Boyfriend Button Down

This button down is absolute perfection! It is made of tencel and if you’ve ever owned anything tencel then I don’t need to explain it is SO GOOD. It is unbelievably soft, has a beautiful weight so it hangs perfectly and if I haven’t convinced you yet, it comes in three colours! The shape of this button down is a relaxed, oversized, boyfriend fit. There is a lot of room so if you prefer things to be fitted definitely size down.  Truly, if you like things to be fitted, this probably isn’t the shirt for you. However, if you love that relaxed, effortless fit you may want to get this in both colours. Style this with jeans, leather leggings, and even open as a thin jacket or cardigan over a graphic tee and jeans! This is a piece you will grab for continuously!