Nashville City Guide

OK. You guys told me I was going to love Nashville but like I LOVEEEEE it.  If you haven’t gone, please take your bucket list and scratch out whatever is  at the top and replace it with this city!  It is so FREAKING FUN, the food is unreal, and the shopping… well let’s just say my credit card is still a little hot.

A big thank you to everyone who sent over recommendations they were so helpful.  We jam packed a lot into the 6 days and we still didn’t get to do everything we wanted… there really is just that much to see and do!  When you visit any city if you want to maximize your time you need to go in with somewhat of a plan.   I don’t suggest over planning because that’s no fun, but I would suggest making a list of the things you absolutely want  to do and then break them down into neighbourhoods.

So, let me do that for you, Nashville edition!

EATS (First on the list because let’s be honest that’s the best part of vacation)

Breakfast / Brunch:
Biscuit Love – get anything with a biscuit and of course, you MUST try the bonuts…. SOOOO GOOOD!
Milk & Honey – we never actually had a chance to eat here but it is supposed to be amazing.  I did however, get an iced oat milk latter and it was absolutely delicious!
Pancake Pantry- another place we wanted to go to but ran out of time! This was recommended by many. I will be checking it out next time for sure!

Lunch or Dinner

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken– the line can get long but it goes quick
Bartaco– by far the best place we ate.  Get the fresh pineapple, cucumber salad and ask for the bartacosecret it’s never on the menu but is delicious!
Pinewood – great food and such a cool place! Make sure you get here!
Sun Diner– this is just off Broadway and is the best place to get late night eats after being on Broadway.  It is always busy but the line moves fast.  The food is greasy diner food and is exactly what you’ll want/need  after a shift of dancing all night!

Where we stayed:
We stayed in at the Courtyard by Marriott and it was PERFECT! Beautiful, spacious rooms… ya’ll know that is necessary when three women (and all their clothes) are sharing a room, it had a Starbucks in the same building which is always a bonus because mornings are hard on vacation, and it was literally a 5 minute block from Broadway.  I could not recommend this hotel any more!


– Kittenish
– Uncommon James
-Draper James
– Winky Lux – I bought this eyebrow pencil and I am OBSESSED.
-Outdoor Voices

*This is only a few of the ones that stand out in my mind but there are so many great little shops to check out especially in the Gulch & Bellemont Area (12th Avenue)


– Petal tavern 100% you HAVE to do this. We did it twice it was that fun.
– bowling at Pinewood.  We didn’t get to do this and I’m sad about it.
– listen to live music, dance, and have a few cocktails on Broadway.  ALL the bars on Broadway are fun- we bumped around to so many throughout the night but a few of our favourites were Tootsies, FGL, Ol’ Red and Losers.  Losers is off Broaway and you’re more likely to see a few more locals. This is where I  ran into Kaitlyn Bristowe… and no, I am not friends with her ( I wish! ) A few of you asked how I met her and to be honest it was just a random run in! She was at Losers celebrating Canada Day and our petal tavern just happened to end out front.  She was very nice, super chill, and we cheersed to Canada!
-Grand Ol’ Opry because duh.
-Bluebird Cafe – I believe tickets go on sale one week before.  We unfortunately didn’t get any 🙁 It is supposed to be amazing so I highly suggest putting a reminder in your phone!
-Ryman  Auditorium
– General Jackson Steamboat- to be honest this wasn’t really up our alley.  Nothing in particular was bad about it we just didn’t love it.

– like I said the easiest way to knock off a lot of things on your list is by breaking it down into neighbourhoods.  The three major areas we stuck to were The Gulch, Bellemont, and of course Broadway.

The Gulch
– Biscuit Love
-Milk & Honey
– Kittenish
-Winky Lux
-Uncommon  James
-tonnes of murals – great for the gram 😉

Bellemont (12th Avenue)
– Bartaco
–  Draper James
– Outdoor Voices
-5 Daughters Bakery
-Jeni’s Ice Cream
-Frothy Monkey


-Ol’ Red
But in all fairness all of broadway is fun!

There you have it! Thanks again for all your recommendations and make sure to tag me in your posts if you decide to check out  any of these places!