My Secret To Breaking In Shoes

This season we are seeing tons of gorgeous accent shoes… lace ups, gladiators, fringe, and the list goes on.  Gorgeous but oh my lanta, at times, especially when they’re new, they HURT! Anyone who tells you they’re comfortable from the get-go is lying.  They have put in some time, tears, and a few secrets to making those shoes “comfortable”.  Well, lucky for you I am all about sharing secrets, well these kind anyways, so listen up ladies.

ELASTOPLAST!  SOS Blister bandages to be specific.  These band-aid type things give my feet life!!!  I’m telling you they will change your world! Whether you’re breaking in new shoes or wearing those strappy sandals for the first time since last summer, these little pieces of heaven will save you.  The bandages come in a larger size for the back of your heel… you know for those flats that are constantly biting your ankles, and then little round guys for your toes- these will save you this season with all the strappy sandals we are seeing.   So, the next time you’re at the drugstore do yourself a favour and pick a pack of these up!


IMG_7673_batch IMG_9560_batch
Okay, that’s my secret for breaking in new shoes! Tell me yours!