My Scrunchie Obsession || White Lavender

The moment I realized scrunchies were back in style I was PUMPED.  As a little girl I adored scrunchies, but then again, who didn’t?! At the time I loved the colors and the fact that it didn’t hurt my head when my mom took them out.  Fast forward twenty some years and I love them just as much as I did back then and for pretty similar reasons.  The colors are awesome, they still don’t hurt my head, and they’re better for my hair!

P1180038Whether I’m bumming around the house, teaching (or attending) barre, on vacation, or at work I love a good top knot with a scrunchie to finish it off.  My favourite scrunchies ever are made by a local company called White Lavender.  I know it sounds crazy, a scrunchie is a scrunchie, right?! Well actually, no. I consider a good scrunchie to be one that has a firm elastic that allows your hair to stay in place without having to use an elastic and a scrunchie.  These do just that!  Plus they also come in the most adorable prints {insert heart eyes emoji here}.

One of the first things I made sure to put in my pile of stuff  for my trip to Mexico was a good variety of scrunchies.  This is a serious necessity when going on a vacay where you will be spending any time in the water.  Tossing your hair up in a top knot with a scrunchie will allow you to spend more time in the sun, and less time in your room washing, drying, and curling your hair. Ugh, who wants to do that when you’re on vacation… not me!  Save yourself from having to wash your hair after those pool days by tossing it up in top knot!P1170776

P1170804 Also perfect for those evenings when it’s just too hot and sticky to have your hair down!

Check out the adorable selection of colors and prints on the White Lavender Etsy page… so fun!