My New Favourite Tech Accessory

Thank you to Best Buy Canada for sponsoring this post!

I often like to work from my bed, especially when I’m working on content for Teach Me Style. I know research shows that it’s not a good idea to work where you sleep but for some reason, I find it comforting. It’s just so cozy!  I pour myself a hot cup of coffee and I get stuff done. With that being said, if my space is messy I have a really hard time focusing. I need my workspace (even if it is my bed/nightstand) to be organized and clutter free in order for me to be my most productive self. Since I’ll be going back to school in less than 3 weeks (I can’t believe I’m typing that!) it’s VERY important for me to be productive… after all I will be working two full time jobs, yes I will be needing ALL of the coffee!

The Mophie All in One Wireless Charger from Best Buy helps keep my nightstand organized. The charging pad charges three devices at once, immediately solving the constant mess of chargers I used to have. Here are some of the amazing features that really sold me on it:

  • The charging pad can simultaneously charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch…I don’t have an Apple Watch just yet but it’s on my wish list!
  • Qi technology and 7.5W fast wireless charging ensure safe and efficient power transmission, which means none of this accessory may not be supported stuff!
  • You simply just set the devices on the pad and it charges. No need to fiddle with phone cords!
  • AirPods are charged immediately on contact.
  • The charging pad still offers smooth charging with phone cases up to 3mm.

Starting August 27th, my alarm will be set for 5:45 a.m., and luckily for me Best Buy has the tech I need to get ‘Back to It’ and hit the ground running! The Mophie All in One Wireless Charging Pad is a game changer. I start my day at the gym, and then head home to walk the dogs and get ready for school. At school I teach 25 first and second grade students, and once that’s complete, I’m back home to start my work for TMS! As you can see, I don’t have time to worry about my devices not being charged, and this charging pad from Best Buy sits on my nightstand and simultaneously charges all of my devices without the clutter of cords everywhere. Whatever getting ‘Back to It’ means for you this year, has all the helpful tech you need to kick start a fall routine.

All this talk has me excited and ready for the new school year!? Teachers and parents, are you ready to go back?!