Most Recommended Newborn Items

A while ago a put out an IG story asking you all what your absolute favourite newborn to 6 month baby items were. Not the fun, cute. or gimmicky things.. the things you actually used DAILY.  I am working on my registry and let me tell you it is overwhelming. There is SO much out there. How is one to know what you actually need and will use!

Many of you obviously feel the same way because lots have requested I share the answers. Full disclosure,  I obviously haven’t used any of these products yet because Bub is still cooking in my tummy. But, these answers were from hundreds of moms who were excited to share their answers!

Now, remember every baby likes different things… for example: many of you suggested the Momaroo chair while others specifically suggested the cheap not so fancy vibrating chair! So, like anything you will have to trial and error these things.  What works for one baby is not necessarily going to work for another. But, after going through hundreds of responses I put together the most highly recommended ones for you! And for the LOL’s here are some suggestions that I thought were pretty funny:

  • a monthly wine subscription
  • a nanny
  •  a sleep coach
  • a sound machine that plays Ed Sheeran – I love how specific this one is haha
  • prescription for nipple cream- “get that shit before your birth!”
  • “a shit tonne of patients not sure if you can buy that anywhere besides the liquor store”

Here are the items! Simply click the photo and it will take you right to the link.  And for anyone who is wondering what the # 1 requested item was, it was hands down the Snuggle Me Organic! Definitely on my registry!

*of course a lot of these items are available locally so I encourage you to check in with your local boutique first!!