Life Update

Where to begin?  Well, I suppose thanking all of you would be a great place to start.  The community we have here is absolutely amazing.  The past six months have held some of my lowest moments.  There has been some significant changes in my life, which some of you have noticed.  I’m sure many of you haven’t noticed at all.   Either way, without knowing it, you all have provided me with so much support, love, and positivity when I needed it the most.  I’ve tossed around the idea of writing this post for a few months now and I finally feel like it’s time.   Over the past three years, my life has been an open book, so it’s only natural that many of you have questions or concerns about the changes you’ve been noticing.

So, to answer the overwhelming amount of questions that sit in my DM’s … yes, Brandon and I are no longer together.  We mutually decided it was best we go our separate ways.  Breakups suck.  But breakups really suck when you share a huge part of your life on social media.  In an instant I realized the importance of self care and vowed to put that first.  You may have noticed a significant decline in the amount of times I posted to the blog, the amount of sharing I was doing on stories, or how much I was posting on Instagram. At the time, I felt like I was failing Teach Me Style.  Failing because I wasn’t being “authentic” in sharing how I was really feeling and what I was going through.  I wanted to, because I know breakups happen all the time and they’re relatable.  I wanted to help anyone who was going through the same thing I was, but I just wasn’t ready. And if I’m going to be honest, I literally had zero creative juices in my body.  But, looking back, I now realize I was really kicking ass.  I was facing it.  I slowed down, took it all in, and let myself feel the emotions I was feeling.  I realized IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY!!!

Fast forward 6 months and here I am, ready to share.  I feel good.  I feel confident-ish (still working on this one), and I feel happy.  I’ve learned a lot… more than I have time to write, but these two are too important not to share:

1.) Family is forever.  No matter what, they will be there to pick up the pieces.  Never take them for granted.  Cherish them, always.
2.) You’re stronger than you think.

So, if you sent me a message and I didn’t reply, I’m sorry.  I wasn’t trying to be rude.  I just didn’t know what to say.  I hope this answers all your questions and alleviates some of your concerns. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Your continuous support did not go unnoticed.  I appreciate you all so much.  Exciting things are happening in my life and I can’t wait to take you along for the ride!

Much love,