Joe Fresh LOVE

My relationship with Joe Fresh has been going strong for a good 7 years now.  I am in LOVE with Joe.  I will start by saying this is NOT a sponsored post.  This is just an honest confession from a teacher who loves to be well dressed without spending a fortune.  I do spend money on quality basics, but when it comes to my teaching wardrobe I don’t like to spend a lot.  Between the paint, snot, and the snowsuit hugs which cause more snags than I would like to admit, (damn velcro!!) it’s just not worth it!

I have never had an issue with the quality of any of their stuff. In fact, I just recently retired a blouse I bought from there over 7 years ago!  However, like anything, proper care and maintenance is always necessary.  I NEVER put anything in the drier and I always lay my sweaters out to dry.  Like any knits, I store them folded on a shelf.  I avoid putting them in a drawer or hanging them.  Drawers can cause snags and hanging them takes up way too much space and also stretches out the shoulders, big no, no! And last, like any knit they will need a fabric shave every now and again!