I got it from my Mama!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful women reading this today: Mama’s, Step Mama’s, Mama’s trying to be, dog & cat Mama’s, Grandmama’s, Mr. Mama’s but most importantly, MY MAMA!

Most of you know and love her for her hilarious hate for being on my Instagram stories, LOL!! She hates it so much in fact, that part of her gift was a full day of hang out time WITHOUT being on my story, it was so hard you guys! She was on FIRE, it was like she was being extra funny because she knew I made a promise not to put her on… typical Sandra move.

My mom is the absolute BEST, and I hope you feel the same about yours.   We are so close and I’m beyond grateful for the relationship we have.  She has taught me so much over our thirty year relationship!!

Today I will share 5 things I got from my Mama:

1.) My YOLO attitude. Sandra embodies this fully.  Anytime there is an opportunity to do something she is IN- it doesn’t matter how exciting or boring it is, she’s ready to roll.  She is the first to remind you that your to-do list isn’t going anywhere, but life is.  You never know what tomorrow brings, so live today!  Um, yes- isn’t this something we should all live by!??

2.) Thoughtfulness.  She has me beat in this department, (well all the departments actually) but I like to think I am a decently thoughtful human and I definitely owe this to her.  A card, note, care package, dinner ready and waiting in the fridge, a text, a call, fresh cookies, or just a simple coffee delivery at work, she is THE QUEEN when it comes to this stuff.  She lives to make others happy and this is by far my favourite quality of hers.  Let me tell you, she sets the standard high for anyone who enters a relationship with me…

3.) Humour.  I consider myself on the silly side, maybe a little funny but my mom is hilarious. She is not afraid to laugh at herself.  She’s sarcastic, witty, a little clumsy, and sometimes forgetful- the combination of this makes her seriously funny!  Maybe one day I will be as funny as her…

4.) My moral compass & intuition.  This is something I have always felt very connected to.  Since I was a young child I always felt my emotions in my guts.  My mom instilled this in me.  When it comes to big life decisions she has always, and continuous to tell me to listen to my heart. Even when begging her for answers, she provides me with information and then always ends with “listen to your heart.”  She has provided me with the tools to make decisions, now she sits in the stands and cheers me on, or rushes to the sidelines to help me pick up the pieces.  She is my biggest (and favourite) fan.

5.) Get it done attitude.  When my mom puts her mind to something she gets &h*t done!!! Seriously, I will never forget the time I came home from school and she single handedly had the whole living room carpet ripped up because she decided she couldn’t stand it for another, second, apparently, LOL!  No task is too big for her.  She is small, but oh she is mighty. I have learned to take things in stride and focus only on the task at hand a quality I am very grateful to have!

I could write for days, seriously.  This woman has taught me more about life than I will ever know.  She is my guiding light and I am beyond blessed to call her mine.  Happy Mother’s day!!! I love you, Mom!