Dog Sledding In Banff!

A few weekends ago I went to my friend Michelle’s bachelorette party in Banff.  The entire weekend was a freaking blast!!! You know when you go to a bachelorette party and the only person you know is the bride and sometimes it’s weird? This was NOTHING like that.  Every girl was SO nice and SO sweet to me!!! For example, I originally decided I was going to pass on dog sledding.  I clearly wasn’t thinking straight when I decided this… anyway, in the end I took the spot of one of the girls who was pregnant and wasn’t excited about going (I don’t blame her).  Because I hadn’t originally planned on going I had nothing.  Within 3 minutes I was fully dressed in clothes that were not mine… they literally gave me the clothes off their back, so sweet!!

I am SOOOO glad I changed my mind and decided to go! We went with Howling Dog Tours and it was the absolute best experience! Howling Dog Tours is family ran and most of their dogs are rescues which makes it that much better.  When you see these dogs running it is clear they LOVE what they do!  They actually get annoyed when they have to stop on the track, they instantly start howling and want to take off again- it’s adorable!

The sled ride itself lasts about an hour.  You sled for a bit, take a break where you have an incredible view (pics below), eat some cookies, and then you’re on your way again.  Such a fun and exciting experience! If you’re in the Banff/Canmore area, I highly suggest doing this!

P1140562-2 P1140528 P1140531 P1140517 P1140502 P1140448 P1140479 P1140485 P1140396 P1140412 P1140434

For more information, visit the their website,

Have you been dog sledding before?! If so, isn’t it AWESOME!?