Closet Remix || Edition 3

This floral skirt has recently celebrated its 8th birthday with me.  Yes, I purchased this in the spring of 2008 and it is STILL one of my favorite skirts! I love the print, the fit, the pleats, the length, and the adorable bow detail.  Now, one might think this was a big splurge and that’s why I have held onto it for so long… nope! I got it from Forever 21 and I can’t be sure, but I want to say it was under $30.00.  Not only does this skirt remind me of my good old college days, it also serves as a daily reminder that quality pieces are not don’t always have a designer label with an expensive price tag.  Finding pieces that you love and will continue to love for many years can really be found anywhere for any price!

I recently received this stunning two piece set from Uptown Casuals in Yorkton.  I LOVE two pieces for the simple fact that you can mix and match them and really get your money’s worth!  I love this set together but I had just as much fun mixing and matching these pieces!  I have a feeling this two piece will make another appearance in the Closet Remix series… but for now, how adorable is this combo?!

Oh, if you didn’t see the original post where I wore the two piece as a set, here is a reminder:

IMG_9680IMG_0151 IMG_0174 IMG_0112 IMG_0137 IMG_0121
Which look do you prefer?! The pencil or party skirt?

Skirt Similar || Shoes || Top c/o Uptown Casuals || Sunglasses c/o Spareparts || Necklace and Earrings c/o Fifth Avenue Collection