Black Pleated Sweater Skirt

I originally saw this skirt last year at Club Monaco and it’s been on my mind ever since.  You know, one of those items that you want so desperately but you’re not prepared to drop the cash for it?

Well, the other day I was on my way home from work and I needed some groceries.  Instead of heading to Safeway where I typically treat myself to a coffee while I shop, I decided to head to Superstore where I could treat myself to a peruse through the Joe Fresh section.  And, just like it was fate, meant to be really, this skirt… an exact dupe of the Club Monaco one I had been lusting over for years, was hanging so beautifully on it’s plastic hanger with a price tag of $34.oo!! I was so excited I think I squealed out loud!!img_1307

img_1376 img_1348 img_1339 img_1305 img_1301 img_1371
Skirt || Bag c/o Brave || Blouse similar || Shoes similar || Watch c/o Piperwest

Have you found a good dupe lately?!