Secrets Out

Today I’m sharing a secret, a big secret…. I am friggin’ addicted to consignment store shopping.  While in Portland I literally stumbled, (I tripped over my shoe lace as I was entering the store) into this unbelievable designer consignment store called Crossroads Trading Co.  The place was nothing fancy and seemed a bit “busy” upon first glance but after a 30 second scan I found not one but TWO Acne mini skirts.  That was it, I texted B and told him he better find a patio with some good craft beer because I was gonna be a bit.

Two hours later I left with two bags full of designer clothes, a $100.05 receipt, and a new found love for consignment stores! With locations in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Houston, and so many more you’re bound to run into one somewhere along your travels! Be sure to give your man the heads up so he can find a cozy little patio… he’s going to be there for a while 😉

SO with that being said! How sweet are these J Crew joggers I got from, you guessed it… Crossroads!?! I paid $20 USD and they were brand new, with the tags still on and the pockets still sewn shut.  Winner winner, chicken dinner!! They were perfect for our last day exploring Vancouver. I wore them shopping all day and then swapped my sneakers out for a pair of heels for the evening!

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I also can’t wait to wear these to school… yes, school! I officially go back to work in less than a week and I couldn’t be happier! I love summer vacation but I truly love September and all the excitement it brings!
So, have you been to Crossroads or any consignment store lately?!

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