3 Tips for Getting Ready in A Hurry!

Sask Fashion Week is this week/ weekend… and although I love the event it is stressful trying to get ready in a rush.  The event is always on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday so that means for two of the days I, (along with most other humans who work full time jobs), need to get my bootie from teacher mode to glam mode in a jiffy… luckily this isn’t my first rodeo and I have some experience with this.  Let me share what I’ve learned…

3 Tips for Getting Ready In a Hurry!

1.) Wash and give yourself a mini-blow out the morning of the event.  I know it’s going to be annoying to wake up that half hour earlier, but trust me and DO IT.  Don’t attempt it the night before… It never turns out good, believe me I have tried it.  Wake up, give yourself a quick blow out, just the crown of your head for volume, and curl your hair.  (Don’t brush out your curls, wait until after work that way your curls will last!!) Once your hair is curled throw it in a loose, low pony tail.  I use always Invisibobbles... if you don’t have any of these, they are a must!! They keep your hair from getting that annoying crease!  Once you’re home take that pony out, give your curls a brush, throw in some product and you’re good to go!  If you’re going for the sleek pony tail look just give it a wash and a quick dry the morning of so it’s fresh and easy to deal with after work!


2.) I’m going to assume you have your outfit picked out already… if you don’t this is a must, there is nothing worse than the panic of trying on a million outfits in 20 minutes and running out the door not even knowing what you have on.  Once you have picked what you’re going to wear,  try it on, and steam/iron it the night before!!! This will save you so much time, it will also save you from trying the old “steaming it in the bathroom with the water running” trick that NEVER works as good as you think it will. Don’t forget about the shoes and accessories… plan, plan, plan!


3.) Decide what kind of makeup look you’re going for before you start… preferably the night before.  If you’re anything like me your makeup drawer is exploding and the choices are unlimited.  Make a plan, stick to it, and make sure you know where all the products are so you’re not digging around countless drawers and makeup bags for that perfect lipstick shade…

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Do you have any tricks for speeding up the glam process?! If so, please share!!