Layers on Layers

A night out on the town in the winter is HARD (unless you live in California, Florida, or somewhere hot- if that’s the case I just can’t even…jealous emoticon) In fact, it’s so hard that my girlfriends and I rarely do it.  It may have something to do with our age or that if we go out we’re dragging our butts for weeks after, but I prefer to blame it on the cold weather and pretend we are still 21.

BUT on the rare occasion, that we do head out it’s nice to dress up, show some skin, and feel like we’ve still got it… you feel me? In order to do so, layering is key!  Yes, I know you have heard it a million times before but it is the truth: it keeps you warm, looks cute, and adds some dimension when you’re wearing next to nothing. Also, it alleviates some of those stares you know you’re going to get when you head out in the dead of winter with bare legs.

For this look I have once again raided my girlfriend Dawna’s closet and found this gorgeous BCBG Max azria skirt- honestly, aren’t the colors unreal?! I then paired it with a simple tank and this sleeveless, lightweight duster I found at a tiny shop in Florence  (sorry, I have googled it one million times and no luck), last I threw on this coat from Aritzia for warmth obviously but also so people wouldn’t think I was completely out of my mind.  Wearing both allows me to check the grey coat and then wear the duster throughout the night.  Like I mentioned earlier, I like the dimension it adds to the outfit.

Now that I am on the topic of layers… check out my necklace.  I grabbed this beauty from The Playhouse Boutique in Moose Jaw.  Yes, you’re right The Playhouse is a children’s store but they are smart and have a few gorgeous treats for mama or in my case, auntie! So, the next time you’re shopping for that perfect gift for the bebe in your life take a peek in their jewellery case. This necklace is perfectly layered so you don’t have to do any thinking… let’s face it, layering your clothes is hard enough.

IMG_5124_edited2 IMG_5155_edited5 IMG_5150_edited4 IMG_5132_edited2 IMG_5172_edited6
So, if you live somewhere cold I hope this has give you some ideas for you next GNO. As far as shoes goes, I’ve got nothing. These shoes are  horrendous on ice and snow and freeze your feet the second you step outside but they look soooo good!  The only suggestion I have in this department is dance the night away, and have an extra glass of wine in hopes your toes will unthaw by the time you have to head back out!

Skirt (similar style, pattern)|| Coat || Shoes

Do you face the elements to head out once in a while? If so, what are your tips and tricks?