The best holiday sweater, ever!

Typically I don’t gravitate towards bright colors in my wardrobe.  If you’ve been around here for a while you may have noticed I tend to stick to neutrals or more muted tones.  It’s not that I don’t like color or ever wear it, I just generally prefer blacks, greys and creams.  However, last summer I bought a bright red dress and I absolutely loved it.  Since then I have decided that if I’m going to wear a color it should be red.  I think it is so flattering on brunettes!  With the holiday season around the corner, when I saw this gorgeous red sweater on sale at Express I couldn’t pass it up!


Photos c/o my beautiful and talented friend Tara Lazurko!

Also, how perfect is this sweater for the holiday season!? I have worn this sweater three times already and each time I have received so many compliments! I plan to wear this to my family Christmas dinner- it’s cozy and has plenty of room for my food baby, hahaha!


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