Valentine’s Gift Idea for Her

Typically all my posts are dedicated to ladies so today I thought I would target the guys! So, listen up… this one’s is for you!! We are 10 days away from Valentine’s Day and regardless if you think it’s a stupid Hallmark holiday or not, chances are your lady (or guy) doesn’t agree. I understand both sides, but I do think it’s important to show the one you love that you care! So, if they think it’s important then you should to. Plus, it’s really not that hard. Here’s a step by step guide for you!

How to be the best Valentine, ever!

Step 1: Order these ADORABLE pajamas from here!
Step 2: Go to the grocery store and grab the ingredients to make pancakes. You will need:
– flour
-baking powder
-white sugar
-Grab some strawberries and coconut whip, too! This recipe doesn’t call for it but it’s Valentine’s Day so let’s go all out!
Step 3: Buy flowers and a card.  Wrap pajamas!
Step 4: Wake up early and make THESE pancakes.   Recipe here!
Step 5: Deliver breakfast in bed and enjoy the perks of being the BEST Valentine, ever!

Pajamas aren’t their thing? Don’t stress! I’ve rounded up some other gift ideas for you!!

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