Back to School: First Day OOTD

Back to school… I freaking love the first day of school, honestly who doesn’t?!  It never fails I wake up before my alarm with butterflies in my tummy.  A bit of nerves mixed with the excitement of meeting my new class is a feeling I crave.  September marks a fresh start.   New students, new goals, new memories, and of course, new grey hairs… have I mentioned I have TWENTY BOYS this year! LOL!! This is seriously cheesy but how lucky am I to have found a career I truly love?! Don’t get me wrong there are definietely days I feel frustrated with the profession just like anyone does, but those days are outnumbered by the days I feel lucky to have this career.

Anyways… let me get to what everyone has been asking me lately:  What will you be wearing for the first day of school?!  Well, here it is.  A dress I bought from H&M on our last trip to Vancouver.  Now, obviously I won’t be wearing the hat but I think it just looks absolutely adorable with it! I will be wearing those booties- they are SO comfortable!! I will however, take a pair of flats to change into just in case!

Are you as excited for back to school as I am?! Parents… I know you are 😉


  • Erin
    2 years ago

    Is this dress still available in stores? It is very adorable.

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Erin! Yes it is, sorry I forgot to add the link- I just updated it! Bonus- it is on sale for $10!!!

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